Practioner’s Stories

Practitioner’s Stories are articles submitted by experienced interim ministers on their observations and methods from their deep experience as trained professionals guiding healthy transition during in Interim Ministry.

  • The Impact of Repetition – A Being of Use Teaching
    The Impact of Repetition – A Being of Use Teaching – Practical methods for making mission and purpose memorable in congregational Continue reading
    A local church in transition faces many challenges, known and unknown. We must define—and confront a set of assumptions. Too often I have dealt with the transition team statement, “We are ready to grow!” Or “There are so many people who want to come-or come back—to our church. The pandemic changed so many habits and patterns. One … Continue reading
  • Custom made M&M’s helped say goodbye during the time of COVID
    The world turned upside down in second week of March 2020 as our slow response to the deathly impact of what is now simply called COVID unfolded. At that time I was in the middle of the fourth month of an eight month appointment as the Interim Rector of St. Timothy’s, Wilson NC.  The week began … Continue reading
  • Pandemic Impact on Searching for a New Position
    As a former Diocesan Transition Minister (DTM) for over a decade, I quickly learned that staying in touch with my former colleagues was key to landing a new position.  I have found, however, that things have changed a lot since the pandemic has taken hold of the church, our dioceses, and our churches.  Recently, I … Continue reading

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