IMEC Officers and Board Members, and Advisory Board

The Rev. Ron Pogue – President
– currently serving in the Diocese of Colorado
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This is a list of our current list of Officers and Board Members.
This list was updated as of the IMN Conference in June 2017 in Baltimore, MD.
For questions or corrections please contact The Rev. David Starr.

Ron Pogue, President
Sam Colley-Toothaker, Vice President
David Starr, Secretary
Bill Thomas, Treasurer

Class of 2015
Melanie Mudge
Becky Michelfelder
Bill Thomas

Class of 2016
Julie Harris
Sam Colley-Toothaker

Class of 2017
Susan Eibner
David Starr
J. Kathryn Costas

The Rev. Dr. John D. Stonesifer, PTS, Board of Advisors

Ms. Cynthia Huheey, CAE – Board of Advisors
– Executive Director, Interim Ministry Network
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