2018 IMEC Annual Meeting Minutes


IMEC Annual Meeting

Sheraton Westport Chalet – St. Louis, MO

June 19, 2018



Ron Pogue, President, welcomed everyone to the annual meeting on IMEC and called the meeting to order.


Ron Pogue offered an opening prayer.  


Those members in attendance were invited to introduce themselves:   Andrew Cooley, J. Kathryn Costas, Mary Ellen Dolan, Susan Eibner, John Hamilton, Julie Harris, John Keydel, Alan Mead, Ron Pogue, Stacy Salles, Mary Slenski, John Stonesifer, Bill Thomas, Carole Wageman, and Marilyn Welch (NZ),


Prayers for healing were offered Sam Colley-Toothaker, Molly Dale Smith, and Steve VanVorhees who were not in attendance due to health issues.  Other members remembered were Melanie Mudge and David Starr.  The membership also remembered Gary Goldacker.


Ron Pogue spoke about IMEC presence at General Convention.  The membership had a conversation about the value of the $2000 expenditure and the challenge of finding coverage for the booth. 


Bill Thomas presented the financial reports for the past year and indicated that we have a balance of $841.73.  Bill announced that annual dues of $45.00 are now payable. IMEC is a 501c(3) under the umbrella of the Episcopal Church.  


Ron Pogue thanked the outgoing officers: President:  Ron Pogue, Vice President:  Sam Colley-Toothaker, Treasurer:  Bill Thomas, and Secretary:  David Starr. Due to family illness, Sam Colley-Toothaker has had to take a leave of absence.  Ron Pogue agreed to serve an additional term as President.   Ron Pogue shared that the Board of Directors had elected the following officers for 2018-2019. 


President/Chair:  Ron Pogue

Vice-President/Chair:  Bill Thomas

Treasurer:  Kathryn Costas

Secretary: Julie Harris.


Andrew Cooley, Mary Ellen Dolan, and John Stonesifer were nominated for three-year terms.  Susan Eiber moved that the nominees be accepted.  Julie Harris seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Elected in 2016                       Julie Harris, Sam Colley-Toothaker, Mary Slenski

Elected in 2017                       Susan Eiber, David Starr, J. Kathryn Costas

Elected in 2018                       Andrew Cooley, Mary Ellen Dolan, John Stonesifer

Ron Pogue will conduct a Doodle Poll to determine the day and time for our monthly board meetings via conference call.


John Stonesifer invited all members to join us for dinner at Paul Mineo’s Trattoria at 5:30 p.m.


Following dinner, 7:30 p.m., we returned to the St. Moritz Room for a video conference with The Rev. Meghan Froelich, Director of The Episcopal Church Office for Transition Ministry. We heard from Meghan about how her office might assist us in connecting with meetings of Diocesan Transition Ministers, House of Bishops, and The College for Bishops, what changes are taking place with the OTM website, how might we help with IMN training for dioceses that are recovering their properties and seminaries, and what can we do to help Meghan in her ministry.

The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted.


Julie Harris







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  1. Both my husband and I are ready to train for interim ministry. We need to find dates, location, and costs for such training. We would like to do it sooner than later. Could you send me the information?
    Thanks, and God bless,

    The Rev. Meg Ingalls

    The Rev. Brad Ingalls
    2046 Cullum Park
    San Antonio, TX 78253

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